Contact us for your next DIY party!!! This can be for a party of 6-10 DIYers.

About Us


I'm Cindy Kerns and I started on this DIY adventure along with my husband a few years ago. We LOVE using reclaimed items in our art, decor and yes, our DIY classes. We will use wood reclaimed from pallets, old barns, or anything that has character and charm. We will reuse wine bottles and create beautiful decor items and candles. We will use old windows for a new way to show off favorite pictures. And the list goes on and on, lol!!!


And we are doing our small part in reusing items that would otherwise be contributing to a landfill.

So, we share our love of reclaiming items and turning them into something beautiful with anyone and everyone! So, go ahead and come to one of our classes. You will be glad you did!


Contact us about doing a DIY event at your home, church, or other place that would be suitable for creating something beautiful to take home!