Contact us for your next DIY party!!! This can be for a party of 6-10 DIYers.

DIY Classes

What We Do

Our DIY Classes


Our DIY's are fun, full of laughter and creativity! And you get to do the DIY Your Way! So jump right in and have a great time at one of our scheduled classes, or....

Contact us to host your own DIY party. This would be at your location, with a minimum of 6, but not more than 10 of your friends or family. Great fun is to be had by all!

Lots of Different Classes Available


From rustic monogram boards, herb garden planters, clocks, trays, bottle wind chimes, bottle lamps, seasonal boards, and the list goes on and on. If you can dream it, we can get a DIY class that will be right for you and your friends!

Our Creative Team


Is everyone of the many DIYers that we have had the pleasure of getting to know and helping them on a creative journey they may not have thought possible. We want to warn you that DIY can be VERY addictive! And even more fun and rewarding than so many of us ever imagined.


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